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 What do you want to see?

 -Walk trough the Andes
 -Ramble in Mongolia!
 -A video of Mongolia.
 -Catch Whales in Lamalera
 -Brazil (and Misiones)
 -Borneo (Serawak and Sabah)
 -Sri Lanka:
   -Tsunami Pictures
   -Stiltfishers of Koggala
   -Tsunami Remembrance
     Buddhist Ceremony

   -Streets of Galle
   -Hindu Puja in Kandy
   -Fiestas in the Colca Cayon
   -Street life
   -The Incatrail to Machu Picchu
   -Arequipa: Sta.Catalina
   -Homestay on Amantani

 -South Africa and Namibia:

   -Pictures and Panorama's

 -New Zealand:

    Liguria and Rome

    Olinda, Fernando etc.:
    see for the Book!

    Damascus, Palmyra etc.:
    see Blurb link for the Book!

    Bunaken, Ternate, Halmahera 

    see Blurb links for the Books!

    Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, etc.

 -Egypt: Sinai/Dahab

 -Colombia: Travels in 2012

Welcome at ' Pictures with Leica & Canon ' by Sander van Hulsenbeek. This is a Travel Photography site with several picture subsites. In the past, most pictures were made with Leica M6HM and Leica M7 Rangefinder Camera's and with Fuji Velvia 50 ISO Slide Film and Agfa Scala 200 B&W Slide Film. Sadly, my M7 and all lenses washed into the Indian Ocean during the Boxing Day Tsunami and since January 2005 pictures were made digitally with Canon 20D and 350D. A Leica M8, and since December 2009 the 'top-of-the-bill Leica M9, were used, for my pictures of i.a. New Zealand, Italy, Brazil,  Syria, Indonesia, Iran and Colombia.

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Newest Pictures: July-August 2012

Journey to the End of the World.

Follow this space for developments and announcements.

October 2011: My new Iran pictures are on my Zenfolio Photo Site and on Blurb, available in Bookform. See the Preview hereunder.

: Still the best camera ever! But the Panasonic FT underwater P&S camera's aren't bad either!

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